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A unique school with techniques that can be used anywhere. CleverKids makes it possible to find all the expertise of Eureka in one central place. So every parent, speech therapist and teacher can get to work with tools that really work.

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When working with children you're always short-handed and running out of time. E-learning should support teaching an help the student while learning. We started building CleverKids to help us support our children with learning disabilities. With CleverKids we're able to really use the computer in- and outside of the classroom.

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Parent, teacher, therapist, and us.... Together, we are here for your child



Time is precious, use our tools to reclaim it!

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Our team

Lucas Hermans

Lucas Hermans

Project manager Eureka Leuven
Co-founder CleverKids

Anny Cooreman

Anny Cooreman

Founder Eureka Leuven
Co-founder CleverKids

Egwin Avau

Egwin Avau

Co-founder / Technical lead

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