CleverKids is there for all teachers

Teachers aligned according to the progress of the child.


at a school

  • Together with colleagues

  • Create your class and/or level groups

  • Everyone has access to the full license of your school


of a family

  • Your children on one platform

  • You too can do everything the teacher can

Speech therapist

at a practice

  • Clients in one place

  • Each client at its own level

  • Involve others in your bubble/circle

Together we will ensure that

Children are not over-planned

Children achieve their goals

ICT skills are trained

Learning becomes a pleasure

"CleverKids allows me to get back to what matters: helping children move forward in a motivating way."

Do you want to join a school? Easy

Our platform makes teaching easier. Every day we keep improving CleverKids, so you get the quality you and your students deserve. Get started now for free, it's easy!

3 Steps to start
with your (entire) school:

Fill in
your details


Download this excel

Fill in the details &

list your students.

us student-list 


Send the excel to

Register yourself on as teacher.


Get registered
by us

Sit back and relax, we'll create your school.

Try CleverKids 3 months for free! Have fun!

Why CleverKids?

Bring the team together.

Adaptive learning for every student.

Cross platform in browser.

More IT in the classroom.

Free Trial

We offer a free trial until the 1st of September, 2021 for every new user.

Want to try CleverKids?

Without student interaction, you'll never know!


"Having everyone around the child involved in the learning process by providing them the right tools to successfully communicate and engage is our goal."

Lucas Hermans, teacher

Register here for an interactive demo session in which we will be happy to guide you through the СleverKids platform