The virtual learning assistant for every child

CleverKids' unique approach and ICT-tools makes learning more fun and helps teachers, parents and speech therapists improve the learning process.

Who is CleverKids for?

All coaches focused on the same goal.

 Team up with all coaches to strengthen the progress of the child

Join as a teacher, parent, or speech therapist to fully explore your opportunities with CleverKids!


Use CleverKids at school to successfully optimize preparation time, provide individual help and focus on growth.


Use CleverKids to help your child practice effectively with helpful feedback and tools while you guide them along the way.

Speech therapist

Use CleverKids to let clients practice at home, oversee and analyze their progress and easily share files to stay close, even from a distance. 


Child at centre stage

CleverKids offers blended learning and support, helps children work independently, challenges them when needed, and increases the feeling of competence.

Why CleverKids?

We provide kids meaningful excercises, tools and the support they deserve.



Use handy to-do-lists to help reach homework goals. Include any type of material to support the process.

Child-friendly agenda

Use handy to-do lists to create a clear overview of tasks . 

The ultimate USB stick

Sharing files has never been so pupil-friendly and easy.


Always have your favourite learning materials nearby. Complement them with our fun learning tools.

Tailor-made training platform

Forgot school materials at home? Luckily you can access them digitally.

Online library

All student books within easy reach.

Our approach

Three overarching principles

Joint support

Child at front

Parents, teacher, speech therapists work together towards a common goal: supporting the child


Together yet apart
Everyone at their own pace and at their own level, taking diversity into account

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Accessible to all
One tool, widely applicable. Inlcuding built-in tools to support learning disabilities

A shared mission

Helping children achieve their full learning potential

Our child and coach friendly platform with meaningful value for students

Feeling of competence

You have a 'Eureka' feeling. I can do it.

Together you do more. Feel part of the learning



You can be more independent.
You can start.


Make online learning successful by stimulating talents and compensating flaws

CleverKids is effective, time-saving and above all promotes a sense of success

Made possible by 



Developed with didactic expertise from daily practice

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