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Join CleverKids to help your kids succeed.
With CleverKids, it's easy to follow their progress, participate in learning, help and encourage them to study. 

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Parenting is a full-time job. At CleverKids, we assist you and your children to fulfill learning goals

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Study swiftly

Motivate your kids with the right tools and fun materials. At CleverKids, we provide exactly that. 

CleverKids is clever

Exercises that work

Does your child need more practice? We tailor exercises according to their needs. Cleverkids is made for all children. With or without learning disabilities, we're here for you either way!


Clear layout

Our design makes it easy for all users to navigate the platform and immediately get started.

CleverKids should be your everyday assistant 

Here's why... ​

You save time

We choose

Don't worry about preparing or choosing exercises. Just one click and the learning begins.

We support

Your child can work independently. Our built-in support system will lead the way.  ​

We read out loud

Our readable interface allows children to work more swiftly
with what really matters.


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Use CleverKids

Register here for an interactive demo session in which we will be happy to guide you through the СleverKids platform