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Discover opportunities with CleverKids

Use a computer or tablet to allow children to reach their full learning potential.

Learning environment

CleverKids motivates and allows each kid to practise at their own level. Our algorithm guides students safely through learning pathways and towers.

Foreign languages in action
  • French and English

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

You can count on CleverKids
  • Basic arithmetic

  • Shapes & sizes

  • Questions

  • Concentration exercises

  • Visual and auditory training

Show and test your language
  • Practise spelling

  • Verb conjugations

  • Listening tasks

Real-time support and feedback included

Array of resources
Software-readable content
Automatic feedback


Forgot your school materials? No worries! The digital ones are always there for you. We developed digital versions of your favourite tools such as number cards, money and a mini whiteboard so that you can learn in a fun, intuitive way.

Sharing environment

Thanks to CleverKids, navigating on a computer becomes safer, quicker and easier. Share tasks and documents easily, and direct kids to the desired website with just a few clicks.

Smart document management

As a teacher you choose a name and place for each pupil's documents.

Your students safe on the internet

Direct your students to the website you want in just a few clicks.

Child-friendly cloud storage

Sharing and retrieving documents is easy on CleverKids.

Clear planning and a step-by-step approach

Quick overview
Easy to navigate
Purposeful and powerful
Always available


All books and important documents at your fingertips.



As a teacher, you can easily track the progress made in all tasks and practice sets per student, per class and per practice set.

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