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With CleverKids.

CleverKids is an adaptive learning platform that support child and coach.
Children learn in an interactive and innovative way.


CleverKids makes using the computer or tablet in your classroom easy.
Share files and tasks in a way thats effective and efficient.


We created CleverKids based on the didactic needs of child and coach.

Use our platform at home, at school or with your remedial teacher.

Explore what CleverKids can do for you!


Deliver files, documents, tests, websites quickly and easily.


Unique learnpaths. Made for achieving success.


Teachers, parents, SEN-teachers, students, ... work together.

Clear layout

Pupils always find their tasks, files and actions. As a teacher you keep the overview. As a child you know what to do.

Children always find their tasks, files and actions
Teachers and parents: save time, more effect, less stress

Teachers/parents: save time, more effect, less stress

In a few clicks you can create tasks, share exercises. And you keep a clear overview. 

Why you need CleverKids

Let every child work on its own skill level.
No more files get lost.
No special digital skills needed.
Easy tool for young children.
No more USB sticks get lost/broken.
Win time by going digital.
Support the diversity of children.
A platform created to be pupil friendly.
Work together as a team with other teachers.

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This is what our users think


9 years, pupil

Even if I forget my book at school, CleverKids always has my back.

It's so easy to hand in tasks and tests digitally. 



With CleverKids pupils find what I send them. Collecting files from my students was never easier for me and the pupils.



I like to use online learning materials, but sharing them with my pupils was difficult. With CleverKids, I can give groups the content they need. 


13 years, pupil

With CleverKids it's much easier to know what teachers expect me to do as homework.

I know what's coming and can see what I've done.



CleverKids provides the tools so my child can work more independently. Because of dyslexia my child uses a laptop every day. Sharing files with the teachers is so easy with CleverKids.