Our learning content is unique

To let children learn in an exiting environment with the right content for every child takes an unique approuch

Horizontale leerlijn

You can do it alone, no extra help is needed.

Verticale leerlijn

You can do it alone, no extra help is needed.

leerlijn cijfers.PNG

Feedback and support

Types of mistakes

CleverKids analyses every exercises. By trying to predict what went wrong we help children understand where to focus on.

Each kind of exercises has it's own 'Frequently Made Mistakes (FFM).

geld digitool

geld digitool

losse getalkaarten digitool

losse getalkaarten digitool

speelkaarten digitool

speelkaarten digitool

damstenen digitool

damstenen digitool

tafelvierkant digitool

tafelvierkant digitool

Support tools

Made a mistake? Want to make things clear? Use our support tools.

We have tools for providing meaning to numbers, supporting memory, etc.


Practice in different ways

Providing different ways of practicing the same learning content provides the children with more learning opportunities.

CleverKids 'jumping' algoritm in 4D

Creating the ​ideal learning algoritm isn't an easy task. CleverKids keeps on evolving and finding new ways to provide each child with the right content.

By constantly monitoring how children are performing we can adapt their own learning path.

When will we jump?

When it's to easy:
Quick and accurate answers indicate that it's to easy. We provide a harder level.

When it's to hard:

Many mistakes or slow answers indicate that

When it's too long the same:

Scoring avarage? Than getting back to the same exercises in the future provides more learning advantage. We'll mix it up.

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Too easy

% correct

Too long

# exercises


Same content, different exercise

For optimal learning it's important to practice the same content in different settings, and that's exactly what we'll do.


Different content, same exercise

We'll provide new exercises with a higher skill rating. The exercise stays the same, just harder then the once before.


Switch domain 

Children mostly like to practice what they're good at. We'll keep challenging them to practice different domains within a subject.


Switch subject

Every one knows that repeating exercises spread over a period of days it important. We'll make sure you'll switch between different subjects.

3 ways to share exercises

Providing the right content to each student can be very time consuming.

It takes knowledge, effort and finetuning.
With CleverKids you can choose how specific you want to choose.

Let CleverKids assist you and your students on getting the right exercises. 


Let CleverKids choose 

automatic differentiation


You decide wich subject or 

domain you want to practice.

CleverKids provides the right


Start together,
automatic differentiation


You provide the starting point.

All students start here, but will progress based on their activity.


Specific selection

Same for everyone


Select a set of exercises. All children get these presented and will not move in the learning path.

Strong design for students & coaches


Use CleverKids today, grow with us in the future.

These are some of the features we plan to develop:

More integrations
More Fun
More tools
More Clever
  • Use Facebook, Google, Outlook, to log in.

  • Connecting CleverKids with other learning platforms

  • New reward system

  • Fun backgrounds while training

  • Skill-based rewards

  • Other subjects 

  • Practise with more learning materials like playing cards, money, ...

  • Specific step by step feedback

  • Create your own content

  • Upgrading Clever algorithm

  • Reports for parents, teachers, coaches

Content read out

Readable interface that allows children to get to work more quickly with what really matters.

Broad and young target group

Method independent learning offer for the third year of kindergarten to third year of secondary school.

Supports learning difficulties

One platform, widely used by UDL. With built-in tools to support learning disabilities.

Adaptive platform & feedback

Each child practises at their own level, CleverKids provides feedback and automatically adjusts the level.

Clear layout

The linguistic and multisensory design immediately allows children to start exercising.

Structure for success

We create a safe learning route for every child. 

Deploy CleverKids

Child and coach feel at home.


Use handy to-do lists to make homework clear. All multimedia is welcome.

Digitools as practice material

Forgot school materials? Then the digital ones are in place for you.

Child-friendly agenda

Use handy to-do lists to make homework clear. All multimedia is welcome.

Tailor-made training platform

Forgot school materials? Then the digital ones are in place for you.

As the ultimate USB stick

Sharing files has never been so pupil-friendly and easy.

Online library

All the student's books within easy reach.

What's in there for my kids?

CleverKids analyseert fouten en geeft feedback op maat. 

Aangepaste lay-out voor kind en coach Kinderen krijgen op een heldere manier de informatie die ze nodig hebben. Jij hebt steeds een overzicht.



Exercise at own pace and level



Quizzes, tests, to-dos, uploads, downloads


Online backpack

Forgot your books or often on the road? Use your cloud.


Exercise support

Tools from the class, but digital: money, playing cards and many more



Insights into each action of a kid.