Mission. Vision. Roadmap.


Pupils successfully do (additional) learning online. This by stimulating their talents and compensating for their defects.


To achieve this we need to digitize Eureka's didactic expertise.


We want a child and coach friendly platform that is a fixed value in the classroom.


CleverKids must be effective, save time and above all remove frustrations.

You can do it alone, no extra help is needed.



Yes You Can!

Save time and energy. Future proof.

Competence feel

Work together.

Learn together.

Share knowledge.

Be involved

We put the child first. When we create a platform that works for a diverse group of pupils, both the pupil and the teacher feel successful.

We also involve the entire network.
Child, parent, (remedial) teacher, … they all work together. We provide you with the tools.


Use CleverKids today, grow with us in the future.

These are some of the features we plan to develop:

More integrations
More Fun
More tools
More Clever

Use Facebook, Google, Outlook, ..., to log in.

Connecting CleverKids with other learning platforms

New reward system

Fun backgrounds while training


Skill-based rewards


Other subjects 

Practise with more learning materials like playing cards, money, ...

Specific step by step feedback

Create your own content

Upgrading Clever algorithm

Reports for parents, teachers, coaches