Support your child

Our universal learning methods help your child improve their competencies at school.

We put your child’s needs first


Review the current curriculum

Difficulties at school? Go over what you learned with CleverKids. We teach math and languages in a way that you can build on. Our schema's, exercises and models are ready to be used in the upcoming years of you child.


Prepare for next year

Choose your future today and discover learning techniques that have long-term effects. CleverKids gives your child tools and techniques that will still be useful for years to come.

Accessible to all

CleverKids is designed for every child

One resource, broadly applicable and with built-in tools that get students learning. Everyone at their own pace and level, taking diversity into account.

CleverKids supports children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia and helps them overcome any difficulties they may have at school and on a personal level.


Years old


Universal design for learning


How it works?

Practice with one click

Our didactic guidelines give you access to all the exercises your child needs. Both you as a coach and your child have access to all the material.

Track progress

Have you practiced? CleverKids analyzes your mistakes. You get an overview of what're good at and what needs some attention. Learn from your mistakes and use the tools.

Learn together

Your child can always practice independently, but the speech therapist and teacher can also provide additional support.


Ready when you are!

CleverKids is here for your whole family. Get started now with our free trial.