CleverKids app is there for all parents

Join  CleverKids as a family to help your kids succeed. With our learning app it is easy to follow up on their progress, participate in learning, help them and encourage kids for new knowledge.

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What's in there for my kids?



Exercise at own pace and level



Quizzes, tests, to-dos, uploads, downloads


Online backpack

Forgot your books or often on the road? Use your cloud.


Exercise support

Tools from the class, but digital: money, playing cards and many more



Insights into each action of a kid.


"Thanks to CleverKids I understand my exercises better and my tasks and tests are in order."

Computer, laptop, iPad, Chromebook?
Use CleverKids!

Set up yours and your kid's account in a few clicks and experience how easy sharing and learning online can be.

CleverKids is designed for all children

One platform, widely applicable. With built-in tools to support learning disabilities.

Clear layout

The linguistic and multisensory design immediately allows children to start exercising.

Structure for success

We create a safe learning route for every child. 

Content read out

Readable interface that allows children to get to work more quickly with what really matters.

Broad and young target group

Method independent learning offer for the third year of kindergarten to third year of secondary school.

Supports learning difficulties

One platform, widely used by UDL. With built-in tools to support learning disabilities.

Adaptive platform & feedback

Each child practises at their own level, CleverKids provides feedback and automatically adjusts the level.

Register here for an interactive demo session in which we will be happy to guide you through the СleverKids platform