Cleverkids is centered around kids. That's why when you pay for one kid's license you have the possibility to connect as many teachers, parents, and professionals to the kid as you need.

Teachers, parents, professionals can follow up on the progress of the kids and provide them with the support they need.


The more kids licenses you buy, the better the price*. Calculate your price in our price calculator.

We offer a free trial of 1 month for every new user.

Free Trial

What will you receive with CleverKids?

An active license provides access to all features.

You always get the newest version of CleverKids.
Our goal is to keep growing and providing children the learning tools they deserve.


Learn by doing challenging exercises. 

quick & Easy

Quick and easy sharing options with full control.


Everyone gets the tools necessarry to help.


Great tools for everyday use.

Do you want to connect a school? Easy!

Our platform makes teaching easier. Every day we keep improving CleverKids, so you get the quality you and your students deserve. Get started now for free, it's easy!

3 Steps to start with your (entire) school:

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Download this excel
Fill in the details &

list your students.

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Send the excel to

Register yourself on as teacher.


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Sit back and relax, we'll create your school.

Try CleverKids 3 months for free! Have fun!

Why CleverKids?

Bring the team together.
Adaptive learning for every student.
Cross platform in browser.
More IT in the classroom.

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