Support your clients

With our tools and exercises, any therapist can provide clients with appropriate support.

Why Cleverkids?

Laptop or tablet in practice

Put your kids to work. At home or in practice immediately. Use digital tools to motivate kids or set up customized tasks for structured supervision.


Visual learning

Through materials, we teach students structured thinking. Math materials such as number cards, playing cards, and money bring math to life. Enrich vocabulary through strong illustrations so the meaning is never lost.

We read out loud

'I don't get it' or 'I can't read it' is something we hear often. Everything in CleverKids is read aloud so students can work more independently. This allows children to progress regardless of their reading level.

Enrich the learning process

Books and templates

Use Eureka learning materials or make your own learning materials accessible to your children. This way they will always have their favorite learning resources at hand.

Tailored videos

Teach children to study from videos. Watch together, solve exercises, and discover a rich array of instructional and practice videos.

Exercises and digitools

Let kids practice and repeat. You can customize packages with the content you want!


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