Support your students

CleverKids gets your class learning fast. We give you the tools to help students learn in a customized way. Share exercises, create tasks and easily track their progress. Your whole team is welcome, because together you make the difference.

Why Cleverkids?

Shorten the preparation time

Save time with CleverKids! In just a few clicks, your whole class is practicing in a differentiated way. Want to use the computer efficiently in the classroom? Use our action function and share what you want with ease.


Differentiate as you please

Teacher, care teacher, ... Everyone can manage students on CleverKids the way they see fit. Choose which classes and groups you would like to manage and get access to all functions with your colleagues!

User-friendly interface

Accessible IT in the classroom

Not an IT expert? Not a problem. Our tools are suitable for everyone on all platforms. CleverKids is a webapp that is teacher and student friendly. One single app for your students to find all the information you need.


We use Eureka’s approach


Differentiate without losing time

Differentiation must be simplified. That’s what we achieve with our curricula.

Resources for all

Everyone deserves assistance. CleverKids reads aloud, provides learning tools and analyzes your mistakes. That way, every child can improve more smoothly.

Learning trajectory from A to Z

Eureka has built in guidelines that build up to the normal curriculum step by step.

Try it out now!

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