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CleverKids is clever

Exercises that work

Does your child need more practice? We tailor exercises according to their needs.

Clever challenges 

We provide exercises that adjusts itself to the learning level of each child.

Clever tools

We provide tools such as math tables and number cards to help children practice with ease.

Clever feedback

We give children automatic feedback that will help them succeed. 

Made for all children

With or without learning disabilities, we're here for you either way!

Clear layout

Our clear design makes it easy for all users to navigate the platform and immediately get started.


Our readable and visual interface allows children to get to work quicker with what really matters.

Broad target group

We offer method independent learning from third year kindergarten to third year secondary school.


We help your child work independently while keeping you involved 

We adapt

Pick specific exercises you want to focus on or let the child practice freely with our tailored algorithm. 


Help children read and visualise exercises with our read-out-loud and visual features. 

We help

We help by providing the right feedback that will help lead to success.